IN PERSON: How TRIO's Becky Norton navigates being a woman in real estate

Becky Norton keeps her old hard hats and steel toed boots from development projects in her home to remind her 12-year-old daughter that a woman can go wherever her passions lead her, even if it’s in a male-dominated field.
Norton is the principal and managing partner of TRIO Property Management. She said that while historically the real estate and development field has been dominated by men, she’s been fortunate to work alongside men and
women who have supported and mentored her. She’s now looking to do the same for others, including her own daughter.

“Just letting her know that it’s okay to do those things, and if she’s interested in HVAC or an electrical trade or whatever, you know, really she can do whatever she wants to do,” Norton said.

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10/11/2021 - News

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