20 People to Know in Real Estate:Nancy Dupps

Nancy Dupps, vice president, office team, TRIO Commercial Property Group

Years in current job: 8

Years in real estate: 15

What has been the biggest impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the real estate industry?

Uncertainty. When will people return to the office and how to place the employees who return.

What real estate transaction are you most proud of in your career?

Representing our client, Farm Credit Mid-America, in the purchase of their new headquarters on Lakefront Place. This transaction closed quickly, but it took several years and many participants to get it there.

With virtual showings now commonplace, what technology do you see next on the horizon that will change the real estate industry?

Virtual tours of office space do happen, but in our market and our industry, it’s hard to replace the in-person tour. Virtual space planning technology that helps the office user envision their new space would be helpful. We’re not far from this happening.

What has been your biggest unexpected surprise (good or bad) when showing a property?

I enjoy showing our listing of the AT&T building on Chestnut Street. The building is just solidly built and has so much upside. Bad showing – I ran into a squatter once, and it scared me to death.

What are the prospects for commercial real estate in Downtown Louisville over the next five to 10 years?

We all want a crystal ball, but never more than today. Just when you think we are headed back to work in the office, a curve ball comes over the plate. But truly I feel like office employees will come back to the office. Working remotely has its pluses, but nothing can replace the teamwork, comradery and collaboration that comes from working in the same location as your team.

Of course, the eastern office locations are still the best. They provide access to interstates, residences and places outside of work (recreation, restaurants, etc.). For example, look at the recent growth in the Old Henry Road area. As for the untapped and long term, I believe that Southern Indiana is that spot.

What has the e-commerce boom meant for commercial development in Louisville?

E-commerce has set the industrial market into overdrive.

What is your favorite building in Louisville and why?

I am drawn to any place that has lots of glass and natural light, so I would have to say the ARGI building in Old Henry Crossings. They did a beautiful job balancing the light, airy design of traditional workspace with inviting recreational work areas.

09/22/2021 - News

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